The aqua farm is located in a naturally conducive surroundings at Vomaravalli, a coastal area in Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. Ample supply of water is provided from an estuary of river of Vamsadhara and Brackish waters of the Parra Creek. The company envisions no difficulty in procuring the required raw materials as already the action plan for arrangement of tie-ups is on its way to completion with a Phillippines based company who are pioneers in the field of hatchery and culture. The farm is ensconced in an ideal environment and is equipped with ultra modern state-of-art technology and infrastucture facilities which favours Shrimp farming and ensures high productivity. The work at the farm has been initiated and the summer crop will be our first harvest.


The Indian marine products industry is capturing a good share of foreign exchange for our country.One of the marine products - Shrimps account for a predominant share of the exports. To boost the activity further the government has brought the shrimp culture under the "Extreme Focus" category and is helping to promote it.

Recently during an aqua show held at the capital of our state Mr. K.B. Pillai, Chairman of MPEDA broached the topic of the demand supply gap of the marine products by analyzing the past three decades. Though the demand for the marine products is increasing by 2% every year. The rate of supply is growing by only 1% and the gap between the demand and supply was estimated at 20 million tonnes.

Thus the market potentiality is clear cut, Lucrative and Inviting. Now it is for us to meet the demant, the three major importers being Europe, Japan and the U.S. where the consumption of shrimps is more due to their high protein and low fat content.

Bharat Aqua Farms Limited is determined to tap the market enormously and it has also chalked out an effective marketing network. The company positively looks forward to its glowing growing future with a global perspective.

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