Bharat Aqua Farms Limited endeavors to carve a niche in the Indian Aqua Culture industry. The company is striding forward with abundant opportunities, technical know how and it visualises a promising future globally. This multicrore semi-intensive shrimp culture project intends to achieve international quality products and also aims at generating high yield. Thanks to the liberalised economic policy which is helping the aqua industry in leashing out its enormous potential and in turn earning our country rich foreign exchange.

The company being equipped with the required infrastructure is envisaging size able profits and looks forward to expand its horizons in the field of aquaculture.


The company is managed by professional group who are endowed with entrepreneurial skills and zeal to excel inorder to ensure success and profits for its venture.

The technical edge is provided by two well qualified and experienced marine biologists Dr. P. Venkat Reddy and Sri M. Maschender Reddy. Both are renowned consultants in aqua farm projects and have been pursuing this line for over ten years. They have undergone training in shrimp hatchery and management thus acquiring the necessary expertise for the smooth operations of the aqua farm. Determined to give this venture the "Crowning Touch" they are expending their full time and surplus reserves of their efforts and talent for optimum output at the general working level. The company has chosen to send their personnel for a training program abroad. It is the team spirit and integrity which binds them all.

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Bharat Aqua Farms owned and under guidence of Sri K Madhu Ram Reddy, dynamic personality, also flourshing Agri based companies; Gangothri Nutrients and Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd., Radaan Crop Sciences Pvt. Ltd. and also Sri K Madhu Ram Reddy being Director of Gangothri Developers, having experience in promoting mega projects in twin cities.

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